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YıldızSarah G.

Yıldız S. Güventürk

Dance Artist


YıldızSarah G. is a movement artist who has studied, taught and performed both at home and abroad; in Germany, Austria, United States and India. She received her BA in dance from Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey and studied in Folkwang University of the Arts as an exchange student for a year. She is a Fulbrighter who has her MFA from Deparment of Dance at the Ohio State University. Her movement training is mainly based on Limón and Release technique, floorwork and contact improvisation. Having been exposed to different languages, cultures and lifestyles, she values movement choices, embodied expression, and kinesthetic impulses and responses. Her research is framed around creative intimacy and queer as process. She is a multidisciplinary artist. who plays multiple instruments and windsurfs.

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Creative Practice


Within the realm of cross-disciplinarity, I make my pieces at the intersection of movement, sound and poetry. Collaboration with artists from different backgrounds is the corner stone of my practice as a choreographer. To see the full list of works, click here.


I collaborate with national and international dance makers. I take part in improvisational performances as well as pre-set choreographic pieces and company repertories.


I teach a movement practice, from beginner to advanced movers, which derives its principles from Floorwork, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Release Technique and Limón Technique. Get in touch for more information about workshops and classes.

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Lastly, I would recommend Yildiz as an instructor to anyone looking for an awesome dance class that is not only a workout, but a chance to enjoy the moment in our busy lives.


Yildiz did an amazing job as an instructor and proves how less work to accommodate the emotional weight many are carrying, and work that has an informal tone, can lead to a far richer learning experience during this time.


Get in touch. Let’s move together.

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