Duo I: With Emily

Emily and I met in August 2018, right before our first semester of graduate school started. We were in the same cohort, yet had completely different schedules. However, we managed to establish a solid connection throughout these three years. I danced for Emily, multiple times, where I got to exist in her kinesthetic world of alternate realities.

During COVID-19 quarantine, Tuttle Park became a place where Emily and I met every Sunday for improvisation sessions. Our worlds started crossing paths, conversations became movements and this time I began to see my kinesthetic reality along side Emily’s. From August to October, these gatherings shaped the Duo I.

After a few considerations, I decided to perform this duet on a sunny and cold October day in the tennis court at Tuttle Park.

On October 17th, 2020 Emily and I danced a ten-minute duet, four times in a row, for over thirty audience members.

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