Duo II: With Mert

I met Mert in 2017 in Istanbul at an international poetry festival. He was hired as a musician to play for the evening, and I was invited to dance. We were introduced an hour prior to the event. He talked about what kind of music he made and I told him how I liked to move. We quickly came up with a structure that could facilitate our individual visions for the evening.

Since then, I performed with/for him many times and he made music with/for me. During COVID-19 quarantine, we held a livestream improvisational performance series where he played in Istanbul and I danced in Columbus; both from home. Duo II is the cultivation of those sessions.

Collaborating overseas, co-existing through sound and movement. Mert plays, I dance.

*It was our intention to have Mert simultaneously play, while I danced. To best serve the quality of Mert’s music, we decided to have it recorded and played at the time of live performance.

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