Duo III: With Amber

I became Amber’s housemate back in January 2020. I moved in with her because we were struggling to find time to collaborate; it made sense to live close so that we didn’t have to worry about matching our schedules.

Early mornings, late nights, dinners, coffee trips, grocery shopping trips as well as conversations about queerness, female subjectivity and childhood Sundays along with film shootings and studio visits were the things we repeatedly did together.

Seven months later, during the COVID-19 quarantine, we started working on a project that explored bodily strategy to extend itself and harness nostalgia in a particular space, called Liminal Habit. We talked a lot about childhood and how those home spaces affected us in the journey of creating a home.

Amber finds familiarity through touch and smell. I turn to movement and architecture, to remember, to settle, and to orient.

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