Creative-Intimate Corpi

Emily Craver (dancer)

Amber Elison (videographer)

Amber Elison is a visual and performing artist pursuing an MFA in photography at OSU. Her work in filmmaking, photographic installation, and performance bears witness to inherited traumas, histories, and ecosystems. Utilizing old family photographs, haptic imagery, and narrative, Amber mines the gaps in her cultural and religious heritage and its presence in the body. She interrogates the perpetuation of white monoculture through the investigation of origins, somatics, ancestral healing, and the retelling of Celtic and Christian myths. Amber is currently working on an experimental documentary series inspired by the life of her grandmother. She enjoys an ongoing collaborative practice exploring liminal space with Yıldız Güventürk. Find her work at and

Mert Kamiller (musician)

Yıldız S. Güventürk (dancer)

Yildiz is a freelance movement artist who has studied, taught and performed both at home and abroad; in Germany, Austria, United States and India. She received her BA in Dance from Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey and studied in Folkwang University of the Arts as an exchange student for a year. She is a Fulbrighter who has her MFA from Deparment of Dance at the Ohio State University. Her movement training is mainly based on Limón and Release technique, floorwork and contact improvisation. Having been exposed to different languages, cultures and lifestyles, Yildiz values the discovery of kinesthetic response of the body through the dynamic expression of movement. Her research is framed around creative intimacy and “queer” as process. She is a multidisciplinary artist. who plays several instruments and windsurfs.

Yeşim Coşkun (dancer)

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