Corpus – Can We Just Dance?

Corpus – Can We Just Dance?

queer as process

queering process

cross-disciplinary dance making

to be intimate within distance

creative intimacy

personal intimacy

Duo I: With Emily

momentary encounters

spontaneous regularities,

surfaced kinesthesia.

Duo III: With Amber

recalling streams,

finding moments of simplicity,

detangling layers.

Duo II: With Mert

overseas circularity,

knowing without understanding,

desire runs.

Duo IV: With Yeşim

crossing pathways,

refinding language,

attraction of the opposites.

Corpus – Can We Just Dance? is cultivated in and supported by The Ohio State University Department of Dance; and funded by Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme.

I extend my gratitude to my project committee Dr. Harmony Bench and Dr. Hannah Kosstrin for their guidance and faith, to the production crew Chris Summers and Jonathon Hunter for facilitating the technological resources and atmosphere, to Amber Elison, Emily Craver and Mert Kamiller for their artistry and generosity, to Tamara McCarty, Katie O’Loughlin for their photography and videography, and to all my friends and colleagues for their support.

Corpus Can We Just Dance? will be the project name under which I will collect my future collaborative works. I thank and extend my gratitude, in advance, to all the artists with whom I will engage in creation.

June 2022

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