This is a bit of Yesterday

“We are an odd people: We make it as difficult as possible for our artists to work honestly while they are alive; either we refuse them money or we ruin them with money; either we flatter them with unhelpful praise or wound them with unhelpful blame, and when they are too old, or too dead, or too beyond dispute to hinder any more, we canonise them, so that what was wild is tamed, what was objecting, becomes Authority.” (Winterson 2018, 21-22)

“When was the last time you looked at anything, solely, and concentratedly, and for its own sake? Ordinary life passes in a near blur. […] We find we are not very good at looking.” (Winterson 2018, 19)

from Jeanette Winterson – Art Objects

This is a bit of yesterday… Or Duo IV: With Yeşim

Choreography & Dance Yeşim Coşkun, Yıldız Sarah Güventürk

Music Mert Kamiller

How much of yesterday can I take with me? How much of what I take is left for me? What is the value of that which remains, in today? In the course of time, worries, discourses and confrontations build something. We are not to look for answers to these questions, we are to see where they take us. This look is to see what we encounter.

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